The Largest Inflatable Show In The World

About Us

 The American Inflatable Road Show is sponsored by American Inflatable Exhibitors, LLC D/B/A American Inflatable Alliance (AIA). The AIA, supported by the Industry’s Leading Inflatable Game and Ride Manufacturers (Ninja Jump, eInflatables, Happy Jump, The Inflatable Depot, HEC Worldwide and Inflatable 2000) is dedicated to providing highly focused Trade Shows catering to the needs of individuals and businesses engaged in Inflatable Rentals, Special Event Companies, Family Entertainment Centers (FEC), Party Planners and others who use Inflatable Play Structures in their business.

The AIR Show differs from other trade shows because of its unique focus and the way customers can Experience and Interact with the products they are considering for their business. It is the Only Show featuring the Industry’s Leading Inflatable Manufacturing Companies. It also features multiple shows per year, bringing the Show to customers in different Regions of the Country. And, with a host of other Exhibitors, that support companies in the Inflatable Industry, it is One Stop Shopping for attendees.